"... and they had always been very friendly. After nine years my family and friends convinced me to give IVF a last shot. This time I didn’t want to travel out of the city so after much discussion with Dr. Sara and Dr. Ayesha I agreed to undergo the treatment. What can I say… It was amazing. The process which is very traumatic felt very different now. The team was so friendly and Accommodating. I felt like I was with family. They hired the best professionals and the centre was very comfortable. They were available for constant counselling. In the end I was blessed and became pregnant and now I have a healthy 3 and a half year old MashAllah. I can’t thank them enough for helping me with the treatment. Allah the Almighty blessed me and TAMC was a huge part of the process.
Thank you TAMC."

Sherbano Saeed

"...After a year of trying for a baby, we went for tests and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We kept trying and prayed to Allah the Almighty and went to numerous doctors but in vain. We did IUI cycles which failed. Then finally we decided to go abroad for treatment as nothing was happening in Pakistan. So we went abroad and went for an IVF cycle which was successful and we conceived. We came back to Pakistan after conceiving and I started my regular checkups with a gynecologist here until one day my whole life turned upside down. It was my 27th week of pregnancy and I started having labour pains. Unfortunately, the doctor was unable to stop the pains and I had to deliver my baby girl. She was kept in NICU for 28 days. But my baby couldn't make it and she went to Allah SWT. After this episode I was totally lost, hurt, depressed. I didn't have the courage to go through all the tests and treatments again. I was afraid of another pregnancy although I still wanted to have a baby (Especially after losing my child). Then one day one of my friends suggested TAMC and told me she had heard very good reviews of the centre and successful treatments. At first I was hesitant to go because of so many failures in Pakistan and then after losing a baby I had lost faith in doctors here but still I had hope in Allah the Almighty. So we decided to give it a try for the last time. I spoke to Sara Tanwir (CEO, TAMC) on phone and she sounded very helpful and encouraging. It gave me some hope and we went for our first consultation. When we went to TAMC, it was very welcoming. The receptionist and the nurses were very helpful and accommodating. We met Sara and that was the point when we decided that we will have our treatment here. She was very helpful and encouraging. She understood what we had been through and made me feel at ease. I wanted someone to understand my feelings as a mother who lost her child and she did. I was very comfortable with her. We met the rest of the team at TAMC and everyone was very supporting. Every time I went there I was relaxed that I'm in good hands. The centre is very clean and hygienic. Doctors and appointments were always on time. They knew what treatment I should have and they moved me in the right direction. I never had long waiting periods. The environment was very calm there. I never felt like I'm having a treatment. The injections were really easy to get. Nurses came on Sunday even if I had any injection on holiday. I always looked forward to my scans and procedure and Alhamdullillah with Allah’s help and team’s dedication I conceived. Alhamdullillah I'm now the mother of a baby boy after 7 years of being married. Thanks to Allah the Almighty and TAMC for this bundle of joy. I believe we have good doctors in Pakistan. Only we need to find the right ones. I'm glad I found TAMC."

Ayesha Fazal